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a motormovie about restaurants
pastas pat-thai pauze pauzeren pauzes1x PC pda pdag PDA-GPS peaceful peaks pech Peel pelgrims

Pelligrino, pelligrom peloton pen pennen Pensioen Pension people peper peperkoek per perfect

perfecte perhaps periode Perpignan Perrys pers persen Person personen persoon persoons persoonskamer

Pest Petrol Petry petryjac petten Petulu Peugot Phantom Phantoms phantum Phet phone photos Phrathat
PhrathatDoi Phraya Phuket Piazza picknick pick-up Pictures pieces piepende piepklein Pieter
pijpenstelen pik Pikdonker pikdonkere pikke pikkedonker pilgrims Pillon Piltus pindas Pine pineut
piratenfilm piratenschip Pisa Pismo Pistoia pistol pistool pitstraat pittig pittige pizza
pizzabroodje pizza-company Pizzahut pizzapasta pizzapunt pizzapuntje pizzas Pizzeria Plaat plaats
plaatselijk plaatselijke plaatsen plaatsje place places plain plakband plakkerige Planet plannen
plans plantages planten plantenbakken plas plastic plastiek plat plateau platte plattegrondje play
plein pleintje plek plekje plekjes plekke plekken plens plensbui plenst plezier plezierritje plonsen
plonzen plots Plymouth pminuut P-O Pobla-de-lillet podium poetsen poging Point Pokhara polderweg
286 Stella Alpina climbing de Sommeiller

Reunion of travelers and friends
climbing to Basecamp 2165m
Camping between stunning peaks
Cold (-2) beautiful clear nights
First climbers starting early
Total track 23 km, 40 hairpins
Old 1962 tarmac used until 1980
Ending at 2845 mtr due to snowfall
Descending easy, until last hairpin
Small crash, big hole
No worries, we've got the tools,
we've got the time
closing the hole with steel and...
the cover of a tin pate

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a motormovie about-restaurants
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