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motorbike trip in great Himalayas English
EnglishIrish enhancement enplane enrichment enroute ensign enterprise entity entree entrepreneur

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feeder ferry FET fete fever FFP FHTL FIAVET fictitious fiduciary field fifth FIJET file FIM final
find finger firm firma first first-clas fiscal FIT fitnes fixe fixed fixed-wing fixing FIYTO fjord
FKK flag flagged flagstaff flambe flaps flash flashpacking flat flat-bed fleabag fleet FLIFO flight 32 Sella pass and Sassolungo

Italy Dolomites Bozen Gardena
North side (Wolkenstein/p.Gardena)
First glimpse of Langkofel(3,181m)
Langkofel a.k.a. Sassolungo
Science fiction cable car to top
Restaurant and hut at 2.685mtr
Last 2 km to actually Sella top
Top 2244m, border Bozen-Trento

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- English
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