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motorbike trip in great Himalayas Iedereen
if ik immens in in inademing indeed inderdaad indescribable India India Indian Indians Indier

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Lachalang Lachalung lack Ladakh Ladakh Lake Lama Lamayuru land lang langs large largest last laten
later learn learning Leh lekker leren les letterlijk leuk leven lezers lichaam lichaamstemperatuur
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149 Isle of Man Purple Helmets

Insane motorcycle stunt show.

There is no leader of the Purple Helmets, they have instead a form of democracy called "Clinglip", whereby hot stones are placed on their heads and whoever lasts the longest is allowed to make the decision. If one is lucky enough to examine the top of one of their heads when their helmets are off you will see the rotten scorch marks. These marks have never been photographed. The Purple Helmets love Italian food, seafood paella with skunk is their favourite. They will drink almost anything alcoholic and once got drunk on stale sherbet lemons and cheese cake brandy.

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- Iedereen
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