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102 Top 5 Lake Garda Italy

5) Ponale road
First connection Garda-Ledro (1848)
Since 1998 hiking and biking track
4) Tremalzo pass
North side favorite roller skiing road
South side no motorized traffic allowed
3) Strada della Forra (Road of Gorge)
W. Churchill called it 8th world wonder
Twisty road digs its way through rocks
2) Sentiero della Pace (Peace Trail)
Former military trail of 1th World War
500 km trail from Stelvio Pass to Etsch
1) Via del Sole, to Prada (Alta)
Secret road to Monte Baldo 1910 mtr
Very narrow single road, 20%(!) ascent

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- additional
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