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motorbike trip in great Himalayas did
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difference different dijkje Dijon dik dikke dimensionaal diner dineren dingen dingo dingos

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doubt douche douchekop douchen douches doucheschuim Douglas Douglas-Heysham down down-town
down-under Dr draai draaid draaien draait dragen dranghekken drank drankje drankjes dream dreigend
90 Trailer Himalaya world highest passes

I will be guiding this road trip through the great Himalaya.
Join me and get 100 euro discount!
More info Click here

World highest mountain passes are only open in June, July and August.
After a flight to India (Delhi) and a train ride to the Himalayas, we pick up our motorbikes. Riding one of BBC most dangerous roads, climbing the 2 highest rideable passes in the world(!) and 15 other high passes. Visiting Ladakh with many monastarys, experiencing the real buddhist mountain life.

A road trip including all hotels and a night sleep in a tentcamp high in the mountains. Dutch/English guide arranging all permits and a following car with experienced mechanics. The following car also provide spare parts, medical assistant and fuell on the section where there are no fuel stations.

During this road trip we will be riding perfect maintained Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc motorbikes with left gearbox.
Don't wait any longer and book this life changing experiance today!

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- did
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