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98 30 minutes Great Himalayas on motorbikes

I will be guiding this road trip through the great Himalaya.
Join me and get 100 euro discount!
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00:00 intro
01:25 Rohtang pass; BBC Most dangerous road
04:35 Baralacha pass; melting snow/landslides
08:49 Lachalung pass; Ladakh first 5000+ pass
11:53 Tanglang pass; world 2th highest pass
15:02 Lamayuru loops; world most beautiful road
18:51 Khardung pass; world highest pass 5602m
21:47 Leh; Capital of Ladakh.
24:56 Thiksey monastary and Tso Kar lake
28:32 West Himalayas, Kashmir, Srinagar
32:19 New Delhi; capital of India

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- grote
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