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motorbike trip in great Himalayas pauzes
1x PC pda pdag PDA-GPS peaceful peaks pech Peel pelgrims Pelligrino, pelligrom peloton pen pennen

Pensioen Pension people peper peperkoek per perfect perfecte perhaps periode Perpignan Perrys pers

persen Person personen persoon persoons persoonskamer Pest Petrol Petry petryjac petten Petulu

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places plain plakband plakkerige Planet plannen plans plantages planten plantenbakken plas plastic
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plens plensbui plenst plezier plezierritje plonsen plonzen plots Plymouth pminuut P-O
Pobla-de-lillet podium poetsen poging Point Pokhara polderweg police politie politiebegeleiding
131 30 minutes Great Himalayas on motorbikes

Next year I will be guiding this road trip through the great Himalaya. Join me and get 100 euro discount!
More info Click here

00:00 New Delhi; capital of India
03:40 Rohtang pass; BBC Most dangerous road
07:07 Baralacha pass; melting snow/landslides
11:28 Lachalung pass; Ladakh first 5000+ pass
14:40 Tanglang pass; world 2th highest pass
18:03 Lamayuru loops; world most beautiful road
22:00 Khardung pass; world highest pass 5602m
25:03 Leh; Capital of Ladakh.

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- pauzes
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