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motorbike trip in great Himalayas relaxed
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riding rijden rijdt river rivier road roads Roads roadtrip rocks rode Rohtang rondom rondreis rood

rotsen rotswanden route Royal rust s salaris salary salt same samen sanitair satisfied scenery

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start Staying steeds steep steile stelt stenen sterrenhemel still stip stones strak streams streng
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surrounding survive systems takes Tanglang Tar tarp te tea technician technieken technique
techniques Teer tegelijkertijd telefonie tempel temperature temperaturen temperatures temple tempo
temporary tent tenten tentkamp tents ter terug than thankful Thanks that the thee their there These
384 Hardknott pass steepest road Europe

Minor road from Eskdale to Duddon
Steepest road in UK and Europe
X-small single-track road/track
Gradients up to 33% (1 to 3)
Pass altitude 393m /1,289ft
Originally unpaved Roman road
Road destroyed by tank training
On summit views of Isle of Man
Steep descent with great views

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- relaxed
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