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motorbike trip in great Himalayas smooth
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still stip stones strak streams streng stroomstoringen stroomt stuk stupas stuur submerged summer

summit sun sunlight support surface surrounding survive systems takes Tanglang Tar tarp te tea
technician technieken technique techniques Teer tegelijkertijd telefonie tempel temperature
temperaturen temperatures temple tempo temporary tent tenten tentkamp tents ter terug than thankful
Thanks that the thee their there These they thick thing this Those thousands threat through
throughout thuisfront Tibet tight tijdelijke Tijdens time to toch today toen toerist toeristen
Together top tops tot Totaal aantal Totaal aantal tour tourists track trade traditions translated
travel travelled travelling trip trips trots truck trucks trying Tso-kar Tummo turn tusen twee
twisting two uit uitdagend uitdaging uiteindelijk uitnodiging unavoidable under Unfortunately Unieke
Unique unknown untouched up uren us used uses using uurtje vaak vallei valley van van) vandaag
vehicle ve
255 Nepal on BMW R1200GS

Big contrast with busy hectic India
Only traffic: animals and cyclists
First stop: Bardia National Park
15 km offroad including a river
Challenging roads in the Himalayas
Pokhara Annapurna mountain range
6 hours scenic drive to Kathmandu
Kathmandu 1 miljon people on 50 km
Base for hikers/climbers/tourists
Temples and stupas at each corner
Mount Everest, Holy Mother 8,848m
Last day cargo back home

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- smooth
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