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motorbike trip in great Himalayas so
sochtends S ochtends soep soepel Soepje Soest software sokken soldeerwerk soldiers Sole solei some

someone sommige soms Soney Sonntag Sony soort soorten soortgelijke Sospel Sospelpas Sot South sp32

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Speed-triple speel speelt spek spekpannenkoek spelen spetters speuren speurwerk Spezia spiegelglad
spiegelgladde spiegels spierwit spinazie spinnenwebben spitsverkeer Splendid splinternieuw
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sprekende sprekerszangers Spring Springbrook springen springrolls Springs sprinkhanen Sprint
sprintrace sprintraces sprokkelen sprong spuiten spullen Square Square Square Squere Sri St St. ST07
sta staakt staan staan630 Staand staande staat stacaravans stad stadje stadscentrum stadskern
stadsleven stadspark Stadt staff stagiere Stakende stallen stambeeld stamcafe stamcafe stamgasten
32 World highest mountain pass Khardung-La

South Pullu, ILP permit check
Incredible views into Nubra valley
AMS altitude advice: max 25 minutes
Important connection Siachen Glacier
-longest glacier in the Karakoram
1963 first used with horses/camels
Trading route China, the Silk road
1973 rebuilt and used Indian Army
1988 opened to public motor vehicles
Elevation by GPS is 5.359m,
Local signs claim elevation is 5.602m
World highest rideable public pass

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motorbike trip in great Himalayas- so
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